Welcome home, to yourself.

Welcome to 'Maagilui', which means in Hebrew - 'a circle of discovery'.

A space that brings us closer to ourselves, to the point of balance that lies within us.

I've learned that discovery happens in circles.

Circles within us and circles around us.

It grows wider in all directions, creating more and more ripples.

Each time deepening into another layer.

I wish that all beings could feel at home.

That they feel at home within themselves, within their bodies, in their lives.

I would like each person to have a circle in which they feel loved and accepted.

I wish that no one would feel lonely in this world.

Join us.

Take a walk in your life within a strengthening environment of a circle.

We'll learn together, laugh, cry together... we'll discover ourselves and each other.

I invite each and every one with great love!

I speak good English, feel free to caontact me with any question or request:

Lilah Ben Dror


facebook: maagilui

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